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Our Inspired Radio Presenters

Steve Twynham

Steve is the founder of Inspire Radio.

Steve has worked on a number of radio stations here in the UK and on American platforms. Steve presents Inspire Breakfast each morning between 7am and 10am which is probably the best way to start you day.(Steve’s words). With feelgood music to start your day. The true or false quiz along with the fun game ‘What song are these words from’. Inspirational guests, the inspirational book of the week. Inspire Breakfast is a great way to start your day.

Steve also works as an Inspirational Coach, Speaker and Hypnotherapist.
One of Steve’s favourite quotes is

‘Amazing Things Rarely Happen In Your Comfort Zone’.

Jo presents the mid-morning show weekdays between 10am and 1pm

Each day Jo invites you to sing a long with her sing a long song (It’s a good job Jo turns her mic down for this). Get physical with her physical moment and asks what have you done to feel proud?
With inspirational guests just after 12pm and Foodie Friday what more could you ask for!!

Jo say’s “I love bringing wellbeing and self-development tips to our listeners. Inviting interesting and inspirational guests from across the world on to the show to share their stories with you all’.

With a great passion for developing people Jo is an EMCC EIA Life & business coach supporting people to find their inner superpowers to have your moment to shine.

Jo say’s “As a coach I need to be able to walk the walk, so I continuously push myself out of my comfort zone and over the years have, parachuted out of aeroplanes, abseiled off bridges, climbed mountains and hosted and organised many fundraising events. They have not been easy but have brought a great sense of achievement and raised funds for many charities.

However, my most important job is that of mum to my 3 grown up children. I love spending time with them and their growing families navigating all life’s many challenges along the way.  I also have a lovely partner Alan and he has 2 girls, so as you can imagine with 5 children between us there is never a dull moment!!

If your already one of our valued listeners, then thank you so much for tuning in, if your new to Inspire Radio then I do hope you will give us a listen and we look forward to welcoming you to our growing tribe.

Thank you for reading and Shine Bright. 

Thank you for reading and Shine Bright


Jo Thackwray

Steve Gamlin

Join Steve Gamlin on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 7pm GMT for Motivational Firewood.

“If you wake up tomorrow and THINK one more positive thought, SPEAK one more kind word or take at least one more positive ACTION…our time together is a massive win.” Back-to-basics positivity, engagement and humor. That is the formula Steve Gamlin has been bringing to stages of all sizes since 2004.

This is how Steve opens every event, explaining his mission as The Motivational Firewood™ Guy.

He believes this is the only formula you need to know:

Decide exactly what you want.

Know what it looks like.

Determine who you need to be to achieve it.

Get to work and take action to make it happen.

As the Motivational Firewood™ Guy, Steve walks his talk as authentically as he can, sharing duplicatable steps to success, reminding us all that we have much more power to create it than we may believe.

Blending humor and personal recollections of his own ‘crash and burn to recovery’ life story (Steve’s phoenix rides a pogo stick), he lives his message with every step across the stage and social media.

Adele G started her radio career in hospital radio early 2019.

Despite any prior experience or awareness of whether it was something she could do/enjoy/provide adequate entertainment to the listeners, she was instantly smitten and bowled over by how much it would impact her life. 

Adele has a natural upbeat personality and an insatiable lust for life and for laughs and this permeates in the content & delivery of her weekly shows, which include interviews for Inspire Conversations. 

She has also attended and interviewed numerous local business people, including celebrities, at local town and countryside events throughout Yorkshire. 

Adele hopes you enjoy her weekly shows…with special guests!

Adele Guillen

Vernon Frost

Inspire Radio is truly international and joining us from Cape Town is Vernon Frost.

Vernon brings a number of meditations to Inspire Radio in the meditation hours at 9 pm GMT and 6am GMT.

Vernon is a world renowned teacher, metaphysician and healer from Cape Town, South Africa. His innate gift as a powerful metaphysician and clairvoyant gives him a unique psychic ability to follow your thought patterns and identify your limiting beliefs, see what event in your life caused it, and then remove the negative charge of that subconscious belief. He is unorthodox, relevant and humorous. He’s a breath of fresh air!

Vernon has worked with young and old and in-between from every aspect of life: from truck drivers, artists, dentists, teachers, to Fortune 500, JTI, and YPO, and has appeared regularly on CNN and other international media. His talks and workshops are highly interactive and experiential, with many demonstrations, and deliver life-changing insights. Vernon works from the heart and has a passion for nurturing growth, freedom and empowerment in people.

Gail is a regular contributor to the meditation hour on Inspire Radio

Passionate about reminding people of their potential and capacity for accessing their own insight Gail is the published author of both adult and children’s wellness books, freelance wellness writer and blogger.

  • Owner of an accredited training school and wellness studio with twenty five years’ experience in the wellness and training industry.
  • A Qualified Teacher, Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer (Education)
  • Coach, Counsellor, Inner Child Therapist
  • Holistic Therapist
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Qi gong Instructor
  • Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner
  • Qualifications in Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness
  • Wellness gift designer and own product range – The Gateway Insight Kits
  • Guest speaker
  • Retreat specialist
  • Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine Life Leap club
  • Meditations appear weekly on digital station Inspire Radio
  • Writer for Jennifer Young’s Beauty Despite Cancer website
  • Volunteer for Street Wisdom – Global mindfulness organisation (mindfulness walks and workshops)
  • Project management fund raiser for the not for profit and third sector

Gail Donnan

Stuart Doughty

We love to bring positivity to the airwaves of Inspire Radio and Stuart does just that

Stuart Doughty is a Personal Development Mentor and Business Coach working with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. 

He’s been a student of personal development and spiritual wisdom for over 30 years, and a teacher for seven

A former international journalist, he moved back to the UK and Yorkshire after 20 years in America, where he was trained by Bob Proctor

He teaches people how to use the power the mind to achieve their goals and transform their lives
His purpose is to share what he has learned to inspire and empower people to discover the power and wisdom within themselves so they can lead extraordinary lives and make a difference in the world

Ruth presents Inspired Conversations with guests from across the world.

After graduating, Ruth became a radio and TV journalist and was sent to the North Pole after 6 months in TV to report on polar explorer Robert Swan’s expedition. As a result, she was one of three finalists nominated for a national television award.

Ruth has also been a pirate and a smuggler in the Caribbean and after getting married, had six children in quick succession. She still hasn’t quite recovered her sanity. Four years ago, she went on a 2041 expedition to Antarctica where she co-produced documentaries for an American filmmaker.

Ruth qualified as a trainer for Mindvalley, delivering 8 hour seminars on Being Extraordinary and is still the only Mindvalley trainer in the UK. She started her own coaching journey in 2008 and now coaches women to rise from the ashes after separation/divorce.

Ruth Owen

Russell Harvey

Russell is Inspire Radio’s Resilience Coach. 

Being resilient Russell pops up throughout our program schedules with great tips to help Inspire Radio listeners enjoy a wonderful day.

Russell has  had a career in Learning, Leadership and Organisational Development, since 2002, spanning the Private, Public and Mutual sectors.
His approach is underpinned by positive psychology.

He has been working with the topics of Resilience and VUCA since 2008 supporting my clients to understand, build upon and develop the behaviours, capabilities and mindset linked to these two topics and use them to face into and work through their challenges.

Russell’s approach is – Let’s find out what energises you and go from there.

Carolyn joins us from Melbourne Australia and can be heard on the Inspire Radio Meditation hour weekdays at 9am and 6pm GMT

Carolyn is a Kinesiologist and the business owner of Empowered Happiness.  She is also motivational speaker, meditation facilitator, workshop facilitator and international author of Empowered Happiness – Discovering Bliss Beyond Depression.  On a personal level she is a mother to 2 beautiful teenagers and wife to a wonderfully supportive husband.  She has studied a variety of different Kinesiology modalities including Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Brain Gym, LEAP, Primitive Reflexes and The Human Blueprint.  She is a student of life and loves to continue learning.

 She is also a certified mBIT Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Happiness Coach and Life Coach, a Reiki Master and a Light Worker Master Practitioner.

She is passionate about helping people find real and lasting happiness and is especially passionate about helping those that have hit their rock bottom.  Life is a journey and it’s in the journey that true happiness can be found.

She received a nomination for Writing Excellence in the 2016 Brilliant Biz Awards.  She has been interviewed by the local news publications and local radio stations on numerous occasions.  She also writes blogs on several online and print publications as well as sharing her writing on her own social media platforms.  She supports local fund raisers including the local schools and cancer fund raisers.


Carolyn presents The Happiness Hour

Carolyn King

Isabella Venour

Mindset, Marketing and NLP Coach, Isabella Venour, brings you the human stories behind the brands.

Join Isabella for YOUR BUSINESS JOURNEY on a Thursday and Sunday evening at 7 pm GMT

During her career, Isabella has supported start-ups to global brands communicate their ideas to the world and reach their customers. She believes that if you thought it, you can create it but for many of us, turning our ideas into a reality isn’t always easy, you also need to focus on your marketing and mindset. 

By combining marketing, mindset and NLP tools, her mission is to help you realise that with the right support you can bring your ideas to life so you can share your gift with others.

So grab a tea and a notebook and join in to find out how they built their business and created a life they love. 

Join Isabella for the Your Business Journey slot on Inspire Radio. 

Want to share your own journey, or know someone you admire? Get in touch and let us know.

Mike Hendricks

Mike is Inspire Radio’s fitness guru. But Mike is about much more than the physical side of fitness. Mike talks about mindset too.

Mike is a leading holistic Fitness & Wellbeing expert who helps busy professionals access more energy, more enjoyment and more ease in their lives.

Mike is passionate and committed to his approach to coaching and helping re-educate people who desire to perform at their best every day. Mike is the author of two books and speaks regularly for  BBC local radio.

A family man and father of 4 children, Mike loves to share the the gospel that everyone can enjoy a happier and healthy longer life when they make time to invest their mind and body.

Emma-Jane is thrilled to be part of the Inspire Radio family with her new show with Inspire Radio; Be Real ~ Be You.

She is super passionate about giving back a voice to the many people who have lost theirs, the many people that are struggling in silence, and the many people drowning with despair. Her real and insightful interviews focus on authenticity, transparency and the realities of life, including the difficulties many people are facing in the entertainment/sporting industry.

She has worked on a few radio stations, That’s TV and on various media platforms. She is also the author of Don’t Hold Back; a motivational tool book and a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, CBT Practitioner and CEO of The Works Co.

Emma-Jane continues to support the many people suffering in silence ~ her passion for sharing real stories has been a great sense of achievement for her and is something she is proud to be continuing to be doing with Inspire Radio.

Look out for EJ’s shows on our website!


Best wishes

Emma-Jane Taylor

Emma-Jane Taylor

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