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Jane Gunn joined Inspire Radio's Ruth Owen on Inspired Conversations.Mediator, speaker, and author Jane Gunn is a former corporate lawyer. She specializes in transforming business relationships and...

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In this podcast, I am joined by Gen Edwards.Gen, is a Leeds-based certified healer in the Emotion Code, the Body Code, and PSYCH-K®My s Gen specialises  in helping to remove those negative energies...

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Would you like to add colour to your wardrobe? What do colours mean to you?In this podcast, Abbey shares great information about The Power of Colours and how they can make us feel. As a Personal...

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First impressions are formed in less than seven seconds. In that time, it’s your clothes and the way you’re holding yourself that will be doing the talking. What story is your wardrobe telling right...

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Elliot Horne joined Inspire Radio's Emma - Jane Taylor on Be Real-Be You.Elliot is a singer/songwriter and shares his inspirational story from his time on X Factor and being mentored by Robbie...

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Rusti Lehay joined Inspire Radio's Ruth Owen on Inspired Conversations.Rusti coaches authors to find the words that their hearts speak. Working as an empath, she guides writers to open up to what...

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Personal & Business Wellbeing Coach Irene Poku joined Jo Thackwray on Inspire Radio to share her inspirational story. If you ever thought you could not make a change this may well change the way you...

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Steve Phillip from The Jordon Legacy joined Jo Thackwary on Inspire Radio's mid-morning show to share his personal story that led to the foundation of The Jordon Legacy whose mission is: Most deaths...

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The Resilience Coach Russell Harvey joined me on Inspire Breakfast.We explored the world of resilience. What does resilience actually mean?How does resilience coaching make a difference to...

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Laura Toop joined Jo Thackwray on Inspire Radio's mid-morning show. Following the loss of her husband, career & health, in quick succession, Laura's life was thrown into chaos & overwhelm....

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Featured Podcasts of the Month

In conversation with Inspirational Coach & Speaker Michael Heppell

Inspirational Speaker. Best Selling Author. Success Coach and Customer Service Expert Michael Heppell joins me in this podcast for business. With honesty and humour Michael shares his inspirational story and how he became an overnight success!!!! (Now there is a bit of humour). Listen out for some great tips from Micheal in this podcast.

And….. if you would like to enjoy some Free 90 day Coaching with Michael just mention you heard this podcast.

Sit back and enjoy.

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